My Store business 12 Mega Pixel Sony Ericsson Flagship Camera Phone – Sony Idou Review

12 Mega Pixel Sony Ericsson Flagship Camera Phone – Sony Idou Review

From the high resolution, 12 megapixel camera to the fascinating exteriors, from smartphone characteristics to camera phone features, the Sony Ericsson Idou has brought the humble mobile phone to a whole new level. The marriage of the Swedish and the Japanese thought process has been a boon to the world of mobile phones. With a product like Sony Ericsson Idou in its kitty, a shot in the arm for the Cybershot brand could be predicted. sony 55x75k

Some important inclusions:

HSDPA, Bluetooth, DLNA-certified Wi-Fi, an accelerometer (motion sensor), microSD memory card slot, USB 2.0 connectivity and A-GPS – the words normally associated with any good, self-respecting, high-end phone are seen in the Sony Ericsson Idou too. It also has a 3.5″ touchscreen display that gives 360×640 pixel of resolution. But these are the ordinary, take a look at the extra-ordinary to understand what the hype is all about.

UI that every user would want:

The new, innovative UI to be used by Sony Ericsson in the Idou phone is the talk of the town. Sony has never been so different in its approach. It is the first time that Sony is experimenting with this UI and thus it stands a head above other Sony Ericsson phones. The only other time Sony has been known to use different UI was with Windows Mobile-powered Xperia X1.

The slick and chic touch interface over the 640×360 3.5-inch screen brings out raw desire. The ease with one can switch applications and that to with zero lag is totally awe-inspiring. Even the S60 used here is very different from like Nokia’s S60 UI or Samsung’s TouchWiz UI.

Every aspect of this handset speaks of detailed planning to give maximum user comfort. There is a set of different panels on top of the home screen. All the user has to do is swipe left or tight to take snaps or find contacts.

Listen to your favorite music or open videos even as you pick up calls. This is yet another unbelievable feature that this phone provides by giving a home screen that keeps a part of the media player open even as you speak!
It is promised that the final version of this phone will have even more features to look forward to. We can expect to see this sometime later in the year.

Expansion and more:
The M2 Memory card that this Sony Ericsson Idou proposes to use indicates only one thing- more expansion!

PlayNow Arena and the MediaGo software that also come from Sony Ericsson will be featured in the new Sony Idou. With this feature set the user will be free to sync home server with a lot of devices.

The entire industry is waiting with baited breath for the phone to come out. The competitors are just taken aback. Even with software that is still in production state, the Idou has done a lot to whet the appetites of phone lovers around the world


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