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Get a PhD in Sports Betting – Win 97% of Your Bets

The school of hard knocks is a tough school to go through, especially when you are dealing with money. I don’t mind learning on my own when it is something that doesn’t have a down side, like not being able to pay the rent because I made a bad sports bet. Your gut may be telling you that your favorite team is going to win tonight but the statistics could be telling a whole other story.

Get Your PhD in Sports Betting

Are you serious you ask? Well, yes and no. Yes I’m serious there is a great deal you could be learning about sports betting and how to select winners time and time 메이저사이트 again, but no there isn’t anyone that will give you a PhD in it. I can give you the next best thing though.

His name is John Morrison, and he does in fact have a PhD, and is an Ivy League graduate from Cornell University in Statistics. Combining both the years of statistical training he received from Cornell University with his lifelong passion of sports he began to tinker with the idea of mathematically picking the winning team based on the statistics.

An interesting thought but could it become a reality. About 10 years ago, John Morrison began his quest to develop a foolproof sports betting system. After years of exhausting and extensive research, and losing bets he began to notice the mystery behind the numbers. Finally, cracking the code of sports betting he goes on to boast about an amazing 95% win rate for the Major League Baseball leagues, and the National Basketball Association.

Become a Sports Betting Champ

Taking these ironclad strategies and methods and putting them to use has given birth to his new system called “The Sports Betting Champ”. In his new program, you are given the tools to dominate the NBA, and MLB games with complete confidence that your bets will most likely win. You are given the method on how to factor the teams and players, and also tips and tricks to create your own picks.

The bonus that I appreciate is that John willingly gives out all of his live picks to all of his members, so that you too can place the same wagers that he does, on the same games. If you ask me, it’s like having a joker card in your back pocket and you are just waiting to use it. So forget the school of hard knocks and get your PhD, and start betting with confidence.

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