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Softball Bats

A softball bat is usually made of metal, hardwood, or any other approved materials. Its weight is around 38 oz. (1kg); it is 2.25 inches (6 cm) in diameter; and the height is less than 34 inches (86 cm). Technology has contributed a lot in the manufacture of a variety of powerful bats, which, in turn, has created some serious safety problems for pitchers and infielders.

In the United States, the major eight governing groups set the rules and regulations governing all features of playing softball, including softball bats. Different leagues approve different sets of softball bats. The status of the bat continues to fluctuate, so it’s better to check with your league for current information regarding the status of any softball bat. Numerous engineers and physicians are working diligently on the 토토사이트 design of the bat. The newly developed high-tech aluminum and composite bats have taken the bat industry by storm.

Worth and Easton were the first to make aluminum bats. Some of the current leaders in the softball bat industry are Worth, Easton, Miken, DeMarini, and Louisville Slugger. The price of a softball bat varies from $40 USD to $300 USD or more depending on the materials used in construction of bat.

The American Softball Association (ASA) is the national governing body of softball. They require that softball bat manufacturers certify their bats with “1.20BTF” and standard BESR (Ball Exit Speed Ratio). Most softball organizations allow bats made of wood or aluminum in softball games. Bats should be smooth, with no cracks or rough edges sticking out from them. In general, a bat must have a safety grip on it, and not just tape. Normally, there are three types of softball bats: training bats, slow-pitch bats and fast-pitch bats.

Nowadays, most of the softball players have their own $250 bat. With a variety of softball bats in the market today, you can surely find a bat that suits your style and budget as well.

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