Will Multivitamin Supplements Help Menopause? How?


Research indicates that some multivitamin supplements help menopause symptoms. Here’s how they work.

While some women experience few significant symptoms during the menopausal transition, others experience numerous ones. The symptoms are caused by decreased estrogen and progesterone production, which occurs as the ovaries stop functioning.

Normally, the decreased production occurs gradually over the course of several years, which makes it easier to deal with. We know this, because women who must have their ovaries removed due to disease experience severe menopause-like symptoms due to the sudden absence of those hormones.

How Multi-Vitamin Supplements Help

There are several ways that supplementation can PCOD tablets help with the natural transition.

First, they can support the production of progesterone and estrogen by other parts of the body. The central nervous system is one example of where these hormones can also be produced.

Second, they can support the health of the overall body. Some of the symptoms that are attributed to the menopausal transition are not caused by decreased hormonal production. They may be related to the aging process, but they are not inevitable.

Additional Supplement Help

There are certain nutrients that help to minimize the effects that time has on our bodies. Not only can multivitamin supplements help menopause symptoms, they can also help to slow down the aging process, if they contain the right ingredients.

You need your basic vitamins, minerals, amino acids, dietary enzymes and co-factors, just like everyone else does. The ingredients that you may need to help you comfortably pass through the menopausal transition are not among those basic nutrients. Primarily, they are plant extracts.

Damiana & Sarsaparilla

Damiana and sarsaparilla contain the building blocks needed for the central nervous system to produce estrogen and progesterone. They are said to “stimulate” the product of those hormones.

Tribulus Terrestris has been shown in several studies to raise progesterone levels. While decreased production of estrogen is usually blamed for menopausal systems, a growing amount of evidence indicates that they may be due to decreased progesterone production instead.

Black Cohosh Help

Many women’s multivitamin supplements help menopause symptoms because they contain black cohosh. It is the most popular natural remedy for hot flashes. Clinical studies have proven its effectiveness, but scientists are not clear on how it works.

Wild yam extract is a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy. It is beneficial for vaginal dryness, increases energy levels and may increase libido. The benefits are due to the saponins it contains. Saponins are plant compounds that are believed to be accompanied by numerous health benefits.

Some multivitamin supplements help menopause symptoms in other ways. For example, bilberry extract and ginkgo biloba improve circulation, which improves sexual function, mental clarity and cardiovascular health.

Other Problems

For women that experience depression, weight gain or insomnia, 5 HTP is a recommended supplement. It is used by the body to create serotonin, which regulates mood, appetite and sleep patterns.

Unusual aches and pains are reported by some women. Chaste berry and piperine have natural anti-inflammatory activity that can help prevent and relieve those aches and pains.

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